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Fiber-Coupled LED Light Sources

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High power Fiber-Coupled LEDs

High Power fiber-coupled LED light source modules (Silver-LED) are excellent replacement of lasers in applications such as Spectroscopy, Optogenetics, Cross linking and many others. Silver-LED is available in numerous wavelengths from UV to NIR.

Multiwavelength Fiber-Coupled LEDs

Multi-wavelength Fiber-Coupled LEDs offer two or more High Power LED mix in a single device. Each channel of the multi-wavelength LED light source has independent control and high current driver.

Wideband Visible Fiber-Coupled LED
for Spectroscopy

Fiber-Coupled LED (FC-BBW-LED) features wide emission spectrum from 400nm to 700nm.This wide spectrum is excellent for various reflection and transmission spectroscopy applications as well as color measurements

High Brightness Fiber-Coupled White Light Source

The High Brightness Fiber Coupled HB-FC-White light source provides high power White light even from very thin fibers. The fiber coupled light source is fully integrated module built specially for OEM applications that require Cool White spectrum.

High-Power Portable Fiber-Coupled LED

The portable, battery operated fiber-coupled high power UV LED light source designed for field application such as Non Destructive Test NDT inspection by Borescope.

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