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Fiber-Coupled LED Light Sources

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High power Fiber-Coupled LEDs

High Power fiber-coupled LED light source modules (Silver-LED) are excellent replacement of lasers in applications such as Spectroscopy, Optogenetics, Cross linking and many others. Silver-LED is available in numerous wavelengths from UV to NIR.

Multiwavelength Fiber-Coupled LEDs

Multi-wavelength Fiber-Coupled LEDs offer two or more High Power LED mix in a single device. Each channel of the multi-wavelength LED light source has independent control and high current driver.

Wideband Visible Fiber-Coupled LED for Spectroscopy

Fiber-Coupled LED (FC-BBW-LED) features wide emission spectrum from 400nm to 700nm. This wide spectrum is excellent for various reflection and transmission spectroscopy applications as well as color measurements.

High-Power Portable Fiber-Coupled LED

The portable, battery operated fiber-coupled high power UV LED light source designed for field application such as Non Destructive Test NDT inspection by Borescope.

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