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Microplate and Petri Dish Illumination by Ultra High Power LEDs

Prizmatix Ultra High Power LEDs (> 50 Watt) are perfect match for new research applications needing high power illumination of microplate or Petri dish. The highest power is achieved by utilizing direct projection of large emitting area (>9mm²) Ultra High Power LED to the microplate or Petri dish without use of light guide.

 Microplate illumination

The UHP-T-MP series Ultra High Power LEDs feature a powerful rectangular (3:4) homogeneous beam (direct illumination without a light guide). The UHP-T-MP LEDs are available in blue, green and red wavelengths. See below the application example of UHP-T-MP series Ultra High Power LEDs in Optogenetics Add-on for Noldus DanioVision high-throughput tracking system for zebrafish larvae.

 Petri Dish illumination

The UHP-T-DI series Ultra High Power LEDs feature a powerful square homogeneous beam (direct illumination without a light guide). The UHP-T-DI series LEDs are available in blue, green, red and white.

For more information on UHP-T-DI LEDs please see here

If the application requires other wavelengths such as UV, Yellow or NIR - then other type of Ultra High Power LEDs (mosaic or LED Array) may be utilized. These LEDs need to be coupled to a 5mm light guide to create powerful homogeneous beam. The UHP-F series Ultra High Power LEDs are specially designed for light guide applications.

For more information on UHP-T-LA LEDs please see here

For more information on UHP-F LEDs please see here

All above light sources provide several watts of optical power in a collimated beam over the entire surface of a the Petri Dish or microplate in continuous or pulsed modes

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 Key features:

  • Single chip ultra-high brightness LEDs
  • Homogeneous flat field illumination
  • Optically isolated TTL input for external triggering (no shutter needed)
  • Computer control via USB and LabView software or Analog input (optional)
  • Stable precisely adjustable power
  • Long life (no lamp or laser tube replacement required)
  • Rapid warm up time
  • Compatible with Prizmatix modular Microscope‐LED Light Source products family – for full details on optional accessories please see here


 Application Example:
 Optogenetics Add-on for Noldus DanioVision  high-throughput tracking system of zebrafish  larvae.

Prizmatix teamed up with Noldus to develop an Optogenetics Add-on for the DanioVision high-throughput tracking system of zebrafish larvae.
Zebrafish larvae are transparent, which offers many benefits for neuroscience research. One is the ease of applying Optogenetics stimulation – there is no need for fiber optic implants - light simply needs to shine in the right direction. This way the role of specific neurons in behavior can be examined.

The UHP-T-MP LED is integrated inside the DanioVision optical system to illuminate the microplate from the top.

A dichroic mirror is used to align the direction and divergence of the illumination beam with the angle of view of the camera. This arrangement ensures shadow-less illumination of all the wells in the microplate.
For more details please visit the Noldus
website .

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