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Ultra High Power LEDs

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The Ultra High Power LEDs provide almost x10 increase of power in comparison with regular High Power collimated LED devices. Modular design enables easy connection of multiple collimated LED heads to beam combiners, filter wheel, beam switcher and numerous other components to create multi-wavelength collimated, light-guide coupled or fiber coupled LED light source.

Prizmatix’s Ultra High Power Collimated LED head features built-in adjustable aspheric collimator to provide collimated LED beam suitable for direct connection to epi-fluorescence port of fluorescence microscope or direct illumination of various targets like microplate, petri dish etc.

Prizmatix light-guide coupled UHP-F is a compact self-containing device designed to provide ultra-high power illumination through light-guide for application ranging from curing, uncaging and cross linking in UV to routine microscope illumination in visible.

The Ultra High Power LED can be used with a full range of other Prizmatix OptiBlocks such as Fiber Coupler, Liquid Light Guide coupler, Beam Combiner, Filter Wheel, Beam Switcher, Rotary Joint and others to form comprehensive Optogenetics Toolbox.

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 Product P/N  Color Peak
 Recommended for
UHP-T-405-DIViolet4041457003600Mic, Flu, CeC, PeD, Opt, LLG
4562443002700Mic, Flu, CeC, PeD, Opt, LLG
UHP-T-520-DIGreen5254318001000Mic, Flu, CeC, PeD, Opt, LLG
UHP-T-625-DIRed6271918001200Mic, Flu, CeC, PeD, Opt, LLG
UHP-T-HCRI-DIWhite 23001600Mic, Flu, CeC, PeD, Opt, LLG
UHP-T-W45-DIWhite 37002000Mic, Flu, CeC, PeD, Opt, LLG
UHP-T-W65-DIWhite 32002000Mic, Flu, CeC, PeD, Opt, LLG
UHP-T-405-EPViolet401193500 Mic, Flu, Opt, MW, FC, LLG
450252400 Mic, Flu, Opt, MW, FC, LLG
UHP-T-520-EPGreen520371000 Mic, Flu, Opt, MW, FC, LLG
UHP-T-625-EPRed62424850 Mic, Flu, Opt, MW, FC, LLG
UHP-T-630-EPRed637261000 Mic, Flu, Opt, MW, FC, LLG
656261000 Mic, Flu, Opt, MW, FC, LLG
UHP-F-365UV36916 3300Mic, Flu, LLG, HHM, CeC, Inc
UHP-F-385UV38513 3800Mic, Flu, LLG, HHM, CeC, Inc
UHP-F-405Violet40414 4500Mic, Flu, LLG, HHM, CeC, Inc
45325 4300Mic, Flu, LLG, HHM, CeC, Inc
UHP-F-470Blue46625 5000Mic, Flu, LLG, HHM, CeC, Inc
UHP-F-525Green52542 1300Mic, Flu, LLG, HHM, CeC, Inc
UHP-F-545Green54598 3700Mic, Flu, LLG, HHM, CeC, Inc
UHP-F-625Red62620 2200 
UHP-F-630Red62922 2000Mic, Flu, LLG, HHM, CeC, Inc
UHP-F-HCRIWhite0 2000Mic, Flu, LLG, HHM, CeC, Inc
UHP-F-W57White0 4000Mic, Flu, LLG, HHM, CeC, Inc
UHP-F-W65White0 3500Mic, Flu, LLG, HHM, CeC, Inc
UHP-T-470-LABlue466274700 Mic, Flu, Opt, MW, LLG
UHP-T-505-LACyan506371000 Mic, Flu, Opt, MW, LLG
UHP-T-595-LAYellow59817720 Mic, Flu, Opt, MW, LLG
UHP-T-730-LANIR73435800 Mic, Flu, Opt, MW, LLG
UHP-T-365-MPUV3691538001700MiP, Flu, Opt, CeC
UHP-T-385-MPUV3901650003000MiP, Flu, Opt, CeC
4532150002800MiP, Flu, Opt, CeC
UHP-T-520-MPGreen525431500850MiP, Flu, Opt, CeC
UHP-T-545-MPGreen54410053002800MiP, Flu, Opt, CeC
UHP-T-630-MPRed6331920001100MiP, Flu, Opt, CeC
450251800 Mic,Flu,Opt,MW,FC,LLG,HHm
UHP-T-545-SRGreen5441001700 Mic,Flu,Opt,MW,FC,LLG,HHm
UHP-T-595-SRYellow59677260 Mic,Flu,Opt,MW,FC,LLG,HHm
UHP-T-620-SRRed62621760 Mic,Flu,Opt,MW,FC,LLG,HHm
UHP-T-630-SRRed63223540 Mic,Flu,Opt,MW,FC,LLG,HHm
UHP-Mic-LED-405Violet401193500 Mic, Flu, Opt, MW, FC, LLG
450252300 Mic, Flu, Opt, MW, FC, LLG
UHP-Mic-LED-520Green520371000 Mic, Flu, Opt, MW, FC, LLG
UHP-Mic-LED-625Red62424850 Mic, Flu, Opt, MW, FC, LLG
656261000 Mic, Flu, Opt, MW, FC, LLG

Remark: In above table, following abbreviations are used:
Peak WL – Peak wavelength of the spectrum in nm.
FWHM – Full Width Half Maximum of the LED emission spectrum in nm.
Power Col. – Total collimated power in mW.
Power LLG5 – Total power from Liquid Light Guide core 5mm.
Mic – Fluorescence microscopy
Flu – Fluorescence excitation
Opt – Optogenetics
MW - Multiwavelength system
FC – Fiber illumination
LLG – Light-guide illumination
CeC - Cell culture
PeD – Petri dish illumination
MiP - Microplate illumination
HHm – Highly homogeneous illumination
Inc - Incubator

 Key Features

  • Single chip Ultra High Power LED
  • TTL external triggering
  • Easy connection to microscopes, fiberoptics or lightguides by simple adaptors.
  • Excellent for fluorescence excitation
  • LED spectrum can be narrowed by optional band pass filter installed inside the head.
  • Stable precisely adjustable power
  • Long life (no lamp or laser tube replacement required)
  • Speckle free
  • Rapid warm up time

Prizmatix LEDs modular versatility


  • Optogenetics: Photostimulation of Channelrhodopsin ChR1, ChR2 Halorhodopsin (NhPR
  • Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Whole body imaging of small animals in-vivo
  • Photo activation (PA) and uncaging
  • Fluorescence recovery after photo bleach (FRAP)
  • Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH)
  • Bio analysis
  • Machine Vision

 Optional Accessories

All Prizmatix's LED light sources can be easily configured for use in a wide variety of applications by simply adding further components. These use a standard 1.035” 40TPI thread (SM1 compatible) or Prizmatix's 4-pin connection system.
The following table summarizes the most popular accessories according to application, further information on individual part can be found below the table. Custom solutions are also often available at a low cost: please contact us with your specific requirements.




Common Applications


Fiber delivery, Spectroscopy

Microscopy and Imaging

Optogenetics  in- vivo

Optogenetics  in-vitro

 1 Prizmatix Ultra High Power LED Light Source
 2 Beam Combiner – Combines several LEDs into one beam using a dichroic mirror
 3 FCA – Fiber Coupler Adaptor couples an optical fiber to LED: SMA or FC connectors            
 4 Fiber Patch Cord – Polymer / silica optical fiber (single or multiple branches), SMA or FC connectors            
 5 Rotary-Joint – Fiber optic Rotary Joint for in-vivo optogenetics            
 6 Beam Switcher – Changes direction of beam output (e.g. microscope to fiber)            
 7 Filter wheel – Takes up to six 1” filters            
 8 Microscope Adaptors - Adaptors for epi-fluorescence ports of Nikon / Olympus / Zeiss / Leica microscopes            
 9 LLG-A - Couples Liquid Light Guide to LED system            
10 LLG-3 / LLG-5 - Liquid Light Guide: 3mm or 5mm core            
11 LLG-C - Collimates Light Guide beam for fluorescent microscope            
12 C-Mount Adaptor - Used to mount LED on camera port of microscope            
13 Fiber Collimator – Specially designed to collimate high NA optical fibers            
14 Reference Photodiode - Monitors LED system power output            
15 Optogenetics-Fiber - For in-vivo applications, single or bilateral dual fiber            
16 Implantable Cannulae - Used with fiber patch cord in optogenetics            
17 Optogenetics-Fiber - For in-vitro applications: bare fiber protruding from thin stainless steel tubing            
18 Pulser – Programmable TTL pulse train generator            
19 USB-TTL Interface - To control Prizmatix LEDs from Imaging software (e.g. microManager) via USB connection            

 Prizmatix Ultra High Power LED Light Source [1]

Any type of Prizmatix Ultra High Power LEDs can be combined to form multi-wavelength system. For more information on specific types please see following links:  UHP-Mic-LED,  UHP-T-LED, Mic-LED

 Beam Combiner [2]

Beam Combiner module joins two discrete Prizmatix LEDs into one output beam using a built-in dichroic mirror at specified cut-off wavelength .
The beam combiner has additional port that can be used for connection of monitoring photodiode.

 FCA - Fiber Coupler Adaptor [3]

All Prizmatix LED heads can be easily changed from collimated LED source to fiber coupled LED configuration by means of Fiber Coupler Adaptor (SMA, FC or ST connector). .
For more details please see video clip

 Fiber patch cords [4]

Various fiber optic patch cords are available. Most popular patch cords are 1000 / 1500 / 2000
micron core diameter Polymer Optical Fibers (POF) terminated by optical SMA or FC connectors.
For Optogenetics applications Dual or Triple Y shape bundles can be useful for multi-site activation.
For spectroscopy application special fiber optic bundles are very important. Care must be addressed to eliminate possible cross link between the excitation and the collection fibers. See more info here and here .

 Rotary-Joint [5]

Prizmatix Rotary Joint is especially designed for Optogenetics experiments with High NA fibers equipped with FC connectors. Due to very low friction and smooth swivel the rotary joint is suitable for use even with small mice. See more info...

 Beam Switcher [6]

The Beam Switcher accessory allows for Prizmatix LEDs installed on a microscope to be used either as microscope epi-fluorescence illumination or illuminating a specimen via a fiberoptic probe this feature especially useful for in-situ Optogenetics studies. See more info...

 Filter Wheel [7]

The manual 6 positions filter wheel can be especially useful for White LED sources. The Filter Wheel can be installed at the beam output of LED or a Beam Combiner. See more info...

 Microscope Adaptors [8]

Adaptors enabling connection of Prizmatix LED light sources to epi-fluorescence light port. Adaptors for Nikon, Zeiss, Olympus and Leica microscopes are available. See more info...

 LLG-A Liquid Light Guide Adaptor [9]

The LED system can be quickly and easily attached to Liquid Light Guide by means of LLG-A Adaptor. For more details please see video clip

 LLG-3 / LLG-5 [10]

The Liquid Light Guide is a common way to connect light source to microscope epi-fluorescence port. Prizmatix can provide 3mm or 5mm core LLGs.

 LLG-C collimator XYZ [11]

The Prizmatix LLG collimator is an XYZ adjustable collimator for 3mm core Liquid Light Guide (LLG-3) with adaptor for the epi-illumination port of fluorescence microscopes. This collimator can be equipped with Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss or Leica adaptors. See more info...

 C-Mount Adaptor [12]

A standard C-mount thread adaptor (1-32 UN 2A thread), usually used to connect to trinocular microscopes.

 Collimator [13]

The output from optical fiber is divergent relative to fiber NA. In order to reduce the divergence angle a collimator module can be used. Prizmatix's collimator is especially designed to fit thick core high NA polymer optical fibers. See more info...

 Reference Photodiode [14]

Prizmatix reference photodiode is useful in order to monitor LED source power over time in experiments required exceptional stability over long time period. See more..

 Optogenetics-Fiber for in-vivo [15]

Prizmatix provides a full solution to the optogenetics in-vivo and in-vitro fiber optics. Made of silica or polymer high NA fibers, the high NA fibers are assembled to fit any research set-up with various combinations of connectors, ferrules, core diameters and lengths. This is example of a Y-shaped fiber for simultaneous in-vivo stimulation of two hemispheres. See more info...

 Implantable Cannulae [16]

Prizmatix Implantable Fiberoptic Cannulae / Ferrules allow direct light stimulation of certain deep brain regions in living animals. Each Cannula consists of a Zirconia ferrule accommodating a high NA Silica optical fiber, protruding from the Zirconia ferrule at a desired length. See more info...

 Optogenetics-Fiber for in-vitro [17]

Prizmatix provides a full solution to the optogenetics in-vivo and in-vitro fiber optics. Made of silica or polymer fibers, the high NA fibers are assembled to fit any research set-up with various combinations of connectors, ferrules, core diameters and lengths. This is example of a fiber with stainless steel tip with protruding bare fiber for in-vitro activation of brain slices under a microscope. See more info...

 Pulser [18]

The Pulser USB to TTL interface box with user friendly software is an easy way to generate trains of pulses for Optogenetics activation directly from your computer. See more info...

 USB-TTL Interface [19]

The microprocessor based device enabling simple control of Prizmatix LED sources from Windows based computer via USB.

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