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Microscope LED Light Sources Series

The new Prizmatix Modular Microscope-LED Light Source products series provides an affordable and expandable solution for fluorescence excitation in upright and inverted fluorescence microscopes.

The system offers a choice of one, two or three High Power LEDs and corresponding dichroic beam combiners.
The system is based on Prizmatix's OptiBlocks, featuring interchangeable High Power LEDs and beam combiners.

View our new Ultra High Power Microscope LEDs:

         UHP-Mic-405  UHP-Mic-435

         UHP-Mic-460  UHP-Mic-475

         UHP-Mic-520  UHP-Mic-595

         UHP-Mic-630 UHP-Mic-White


The basic Microscope-LED provides a single wavelength fluorescence excitation. Operated with either the BLCC-02 single-LED current controller or with the TLCC-01 triple-controller for more control options and expandability.

This module serves as a building block unit for the Multi-LED system and can be expanded to Multi-LED at any time.    


      Microscope-LED with BLCC-02


An economical solution for setups requiring two excitation wavelengths. This module combines two fixed High Power LEDs into a single beam through a dichroic combiner.
It can be operated from two separate BLCC-01 controllers or from a single TLCC-01 controller.


      Microscope-Dual-LED with TLCC-01


This modular system enables a flexible configurable setup of up to three High Power LEDs combined into a single excitation beam. TThe Multi-LED system is assembled from several High Power LED (Microscope-LED) and Beam Combiner OptiBlocks modules.
The OptiBlocks modules can be easily exchanged simply by loosening a few screws, switching the component and retightening.


      Microscope-Multi-LED with TLCC-01

 Microscope Adaptors:

Olympus, Zeiss, Nikon, Leica


High Powered LEDs wavelengths currently available (other wavelengths on demand):
365nm, 385nm, 390nm, 395nm, 400nm, 405nm, 410nm, 415nm, 420nm, 425nm, 430nm, 435nm, 440nm, 445nm, 455nm, 460nm, 470nm, 480nm, 500nm, 515nm, 535nm, 595nm, 630nm  and white.

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