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  Pulser - USB to TTL Interface

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The Pulser - USB pulse train generator with userfriendly software is an easy way to generate trains of pulses for Optogenetics activation directly from your computer.

The Pulser TTL-Out output can work smoothly to trigger Prizmatix LED light sources to produce light pulses for such application as opsin activation.
The Trigger-In input enables synchronization of Optogenetics activation with various experimental events.

 Prizmatix Pulser
 Prizmatix Pulser User Manual

Pulser for Optogenetics Activation


 Key Features

  • Single or Bi-phasic pulseTrains
  • Trigger-in input enables synchronization
    with various experimental events
  • Four operation modes (see below software section)
  • No external power supply required
    (uses USB power for operation)
  • Independent time base by internal microcontroller
  • Pulser can be controlled from any other software (e.g. HyperTerminal, LabView, Matlab) that can send simple ASCII commands over COM port.


Input connector   USB Type B
Output connector   BNC
Output voltage level   TTL
Minimum pulse width msec 1
Dimensions in mm


The Operation mode selector provides four Operation Modes

  • (0) Execute pulse sequence after START
  • (1) Execute pulse sequence once after trigger(s)
  • (2) Execute pulse sequence each time after trigger(s)
  • (3) Execute pulse sequence after trigger HIGH, then stop when LOW

The software enables easy visual design of the various pulse conditions. The pictures show software Graphical User Interface (GUI).

In each tab the upper pane shows example waveform with user definable parameters. The bottom pane shows the actual TTL waveform built according to the user settings at left controls.

The Train tab allows setting of single or bi-phasic pulse timing and defines pulse repetition creating multiple pulse Trains. The Group tab allows creating of multiple Groups of Trains.

Train Settings
Train Settings Tab
Group Settings
Group Setting Tab

For more details please see Prizmatix Pulser User Manual

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