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1 Upconverting Nanoparticles Prompt Remote Near-Infrared Photoactivation of Ru(II)–Arene Complexes
2 Activation of muscarinic receptors by ACh release in hippocampal CA1 depolarizes VIP but has varying effects on parvalbumin-expressing basket cells
3 Optocontrol of glutamate receptor activity by single side-chain photoisomerization
4 Revealing Dynamics of Accumulation of Systemically Injected Liposomes in the Skin by Intravital Microscopy
5 Tumor Infiltrating Cells Engineered to Express a Pro-Inflammatory Polypeptide
6 Oxytocin-receptor-expressing neurons in the parabrachial nucleus regulate fluid intake
7 Ultrasensitive optical imaging with lanthanide lumiphores
8 Imaging Voltage in Genetically Defined Neuronal Subpopulations with a Cre Recombinase-Targeted Hybrid Voltage Sensor
9 Measuring the olfactory bulb input-output transformation reveals a contribution to the perception of odorant concentration invariance
10 Distinct Laterality in Forelimb-Movement Representations of Rat Primary and Secondary Motor Cortical Neurons with Intratelencephalic and Pyramidal Tract Projections
11 Hyperspectral microscopy can detect metabolic heterogeneity within bovine post-compaction embryos incubated under two oxygen concentrations (7% versus 20%)
12 Morphological Dependence of the Thermal and Photochemical Reactions of Acetaldehyde on Anatase TiO2 Nanocrystals
13 Protein Kinase A Deregulation in the Medial Prefrontal Cortex Impairs Working Memory in Murine Oligophrenin-1 Deficiency
14 Distinct Roles of Ventromedial versus Ventrolateral Striatal Medium Spiny Neurons in Reward-Oriented Behavior
15 Low-intensity focused ultrasound alters the latency and spatial patterns of sensory-evoked cortical responses in vivo
16 Enhanced AMPA Receptor Trafficking Mediates the Anorexigenic Effect of Endogenous Glucagon-like Peptide-1 in the Paraventricular Hypothalamus
17 Causal role for the subthalamic nucleus in interrupting behavior
18 An engineered photoswitchable mammalian pyruvate kinase
19 Volume Conduction Coupling of Whisker-Evoked Cortical LFP in the Mouse Olfactory Bulb
20 Optical Wireless Communications System for Secure Information Exchange

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