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Most of the scientific devices or R&D projects involving spectroscopy and fiber optic techniques are small-scale custom projects. Self-development and prototyping demand attention, professionalism and special components, which escalate the development time and costs. Prizmatix unique modular OptiBlocks system was developed to meet the need for standardization of diverse custom requirements. OptiBlocks provide ready-to-use subsystem components for prototyping, offering flexibility and standardization for special non-standard components enabling fast prototyping of fiber optic systems.

We offer standard modular building blocks of such systems for Do It Yourself (DIY) assembly. These blocks include besides OptiBlocks the necessary electronics, A/D D/A with USB computer interface, data acquisition software and even a suitable enclosure. Alternatively we offer custom assembly of subunits or whole systems based on OptiBlocks tailored to your specific application.

Below are a few examples of systems we constructed for our customers basing on the OptiBlocks and other standard components. Most OptiBlocks examples are from Biophotonics and photobiology fields but obviously the usage of the blocks is not limited in any way to these fields.

OptiBlocks based Fluorometer / Reflectometer

OptiBlocks fiber optic rapid prototyping system enables easy construction of in vivo / in situ fluorescence monitoring Fluorometer or reflection monitoring Reflectometer. The basic Fluorometer system consists of Light Source Unit, Detection Unit, Driver Electronics and Analog to Digital (A/D) Digital to Analog (D/A) converter that enables PC based data acquisition and system control through convenient USB connection.

The measurement is performed by a fiber optic bundle probe that comprises at least one excitation and one collection fiber. For optimal performance several fibers should be used.

Please see our fiber optic custom fiber optic assemblies services page for few examples of such probes.

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OptiBlocks Based Fiber Optic Spectrofluorometer

Fiber Optic Spectrofluor

OptiBlocks based fiber optic rapid prototyping system enables easy construction of in vivo / in situ fluorescence spectrometer system utilizing single optical fiber both for excitation light delivery and for collection of the fluorescence.

Such system is useful in fiber optic sensors development, biomedical optics (Biophotonics) and photobiology research.

The spectrofluorometer system comprises laser light source, Ocean Optics miniature fiber optic spectrometer, OptiBlocks based filter block and fiber optic probe.
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