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The UHPTLCC controllers compatible with any of the five product lines of Prizmatix Ultra-High-Power collimated LEDs: UHP-T-EP, UHP-T-SR, UHP-T-DI, UHP-T-LA and UHP-T-MP.

 Analog LED controller for basic  control functions.                                                                     
 USB Computer Interface:
 Digital LED controller enabling  control from computer via USB  and power monitoring by digital  photodiode.
 Digital controller with power  stabilization by photodiode and  PID algorithm.                                              

Remark: UHPTLCC-02 is advanced version of UHPTLCC Legacy controller.

Any UHP-T series LEDs can be used with any UHPTLCC-02 series controller. Advanced high current driver is embedded within the shielded LED head, not in the controller box. The UHPTLCC-02 controller contains all control interfaces and functions.
This split arrangement allows direct mounting of LEDs on sensitive equipment while eliminating virtually all RFI / EMI interference common in high current light sources.
All BNC connectors for TTL and Analog inputs are Optically Isolated to prevent ground loops interference at data recording.


LED Power Control
 10 turn potentiometer with  dial and latch
 Analog CircuitryXX
 Digital 12Bit DAC (4096  steps)X
 Computer Control, on/off &  power levelX
 Logging and plotting of  digital photodiode  measurementsX
 PC software control by 3rd  party software (Matlab,  uManager, LabVIEW)  ASCII Terminal CommandsX
 Application programming  interface (API) for
 LabVIEW, MATLAB, Python,  VB, C++ and others are  available
 Reference Photodiode (on  LED head)XOptionalRequired
Control Inputs
 Opto Isolated TTL Input
 Light On/Off Control
 Opto Isolated Analog Input
 Light intensity Control
 USB Input (Type B)X
 Reference Photodiode  inputX
 LED Power StabilizationXX
 Ultra-Low-Noise OptionNot in stabilized mode


(1) Optically Isolated TTL input levels are:

  • LED On: 3.0V to 5.0V
  • LED Off: below 1V

(2) Analog Input (0 to +5V) can be useful for LED power control from external DAC such as      NI-USB-6001.

General Specifications

 Operation temperature range°C10-35
 Storage temperature range°C-65
 Operative relative humidity (Non-condensing)%<90
 UHPTLCC-02 dimensionsSee drawing below
 UHPTLCC-02 weightg430
 Power Adaptor Dimensions (L x W x H)mm167 x 67 x 35
 Power Adaptor Safety


UHPTLCC-02: Analog LED Controller

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UHPTLCC-02-USB: Digital LED Controller

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UHPTLCC-02-STBL: Digital LED Controller with Power Stabilization

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