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The Filter wheel accessory is used to narrow the spectral emission of Prizmatix Ultra High Power (UHP) LED light sources in microscopy or via fiber optic probes.

Holding up to six filters, the Filter wheel is especially useful for Prizmatix’s UHP White LED for precise wavelength selection.

In color LEDs the filter wheel can be used to define precise excitation wavelength profile and required band-pass spectral width.
A unique locking pins system allows for easy yet secure installation to all set of Prizmatix OptiBlocks items.
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Filter Wheel


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Optional Accessories:

Microscope adaptors

Standard eli-fluorescence microscope adaptors for Olympus,Nikon,Zeiss or Leica as well as custom adaptors on request are available

Beam switcher

The Beam Switcher enables virtually instant switching from microsciope to fiber output illumination for Prizmatix LEDs installed on microscope. See Beam Switcher in action in this video (starting at 1:40): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iv7dlwLHaUE?rel=0

Fiber Coupler Adaptor

Transform a Prizmatix microscope LED into a fiber coupled light source by adding a Fiber Coupler Adaptor (SMA. CF or ST connector) by simply screwing the adaptor into the front of the LED head See the Fiber Coupler in action in this video (starting at 1:18) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iv7dlwLHaUE?rel=0

Liquid Light Guide Adaptor

A Prizmatix microscope-LED can be easily changed from direct microscope coupling to a liquid light guide coupled LED with the LLGA adaptor, which simply screws into the front of the LED as shown in this video (starting at 2:31)

Fiber Bundles

Prizmatix can configure and build custom fiber bundles for specific applications.For example: combining outputs of multiple LEDs into a Y-shaped fiber bundle with two or more input branches.
Further information can be found here: https://www.prizmatix-led.com/dev/Custom-Fiber-Optic-Assemblies.htm"

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