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TitleEffects of Light on catalytic activities and lifetime of plasmonic Au catalysts in the CO oxidation reaction
AuthorPeter Novello, Chakrapani V. Varanasi, and Jie Liu
Affiliation(s)Duke Univ. USA
PublishedACS Catalysis Dec 2018 DOI: 10.1021/acscatal.8b03166
KeywordUHP-F LED
SnippetLight illumination was provided by high-power LEDs (Prizmatix UHP-F) onto the catalyst bed,....
AbstractThe catalytic oxidation of CO to CO2 allows for the removal of poisonous CO to improve indoor and outdoor air quality. Currently, industrial CO oxidation catalysts are not effective at low temperatures. A group of the most promising choices, Au catalysts supported on Mg(OH)2 and MgO, are highly active even at -70 oC, but show decreased activity between 20 oC and 100 oC. These catalysts also have short lifetimes. Here, we utilize knowledge of plasmonic catalysis in the study of the reaction over plasmonic Au catalysts. We hypothesized that light interacting with catalysts via surface plasmon resonances has the potential to dramatically improve such catalytic reactions. Initial experiments demonstrated a significant improvement of the catalytic activity and lifetime under light.


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