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Ultra-High Power UV-Visible LED Light  Engine for Fluorescence Microscopy


Prizmatix UHP-M Dual-LED light engine is designed to substitute the Metal-Halide and Mercury lamps in routine fluorescence microscopy applications. Combining an Ultra-High-Power Broadband White LED (>55 Watt) and a High-Power UV LED (>10 Watt) it offers extremely high power for most popular fluorescent dyes.
Totally self-contained with all necessary driver electronics and thermal management built in and no moving parts the UHP-M offer superior illumination, simple integration and advanced features. No special controller box is required to operate the light-engine if used at maximum power. Besides standard TTL and analog inputs, the optional digital console and USB-Interfaces enable a full range of control configurations ( see below )

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Key Features:

  • Uniform Illumination from a single large chip Ultra High Power Broadband White LED. No diffuser needed as with LED arrays
  • Uniform UV illumination from single High Power UV LED
  • Optically Isolated fast TTL and Analog Inputs for each channel
  • Low optical noise, No Shutter needed
  • Large heatsink for fan free thermal management
  • Optional Console enables convenient power adjustment
  • Vibration free, no moving parts. Optional detached fan for applications requiring extra cool operation
  • Each LED has independent adjustable focus
  • Easy integration with popular software packages like uManager, LabView, Matlab etc. via optional USB-Interface
  • Long life (no lamp replacement required)

   Optional items:
   A: Remote controller
   B: USB-interface


  • Routine microscopy and cell culture microscopy
  • Bio-instrumentation

Optical Specifications:

Wavelength 365nm, white 5700K High CRI
Optical power output UV channel (365nm) W >0.6
Optical power output White channel (broadband High-CRI) W >2.0

Electrical Specifications:

Digital modulation (TTL input) Hz DC-20000L
Analog modulation (Analog input) Hz DC-100
Analog power control % 0-1000
Input Voltage V 12
Power Adaptor Safety  

General Specifications:

Operation temperature range 0C 10-35
Storage temperature range 0C -10-55
Operating relative humidity (Non condensing) % <90
Dimensions See drawing below
Illuminator weight g 750

System Configurations

The UHP-M-DualLED illuminator and its control units (UHP-M-Console and UHP-M-USB) can be assembled on microscope in several various configurations as described in following figures.

Configuration A:
Basic On/Off - mimics the standard Mercury or Metal-Halide lamp.
Configuration B:
Additionally, to configuration A: optional camera synchronization by connecting the camera’s Trigger out signal to UHP-M TTL input.
Configuration C:
Additionally, to configuration B: UHP-M power is manually controllable by wired console.
Configuration D:
Additionally, to configuration B,: UHP-M power can be controlled by a Win software via USB.
Configuration E:
UHP-M power can be controlled either by software or manually. The latest change will take over the LED control.

Mechanical Drawings

UHP-M main body

                                                         UHP-M main body

UHP-M main body

                          UHP-M-Console (left) and UHP-M-USB (right) control units

Ordering Information

Item Description P/N
UHP-M UV (365nm) +Vis (Broadband High CRI) Illuminator (power adaptor included) UHP-M-365-HCRI
UHP-M UV (385nm) +Vis (Broadband High CRI) Illuminator (power adaptor included) UHP-M-385-HCRI
UHP-M UV (405nm) +Vis (Broadband High CRI) Illuminator (power adaptor included) UHP-M-405-HCRI
Microscope adaptor for UHP-M illuminator Please specify N for Nikon / O for Olympus / Z for Zeiss / L for Leica microscope type Mic-ADPT-Type
(Type = N / O / Z / L)
Console control unit for manual control of the illuminator (cable included) UHP-M-Console
USB interface to control UHP-M from Windows software, uManager etc. Serial, LabVIEW, Arduino example control code is available. (cables included) UHP-M-USB

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