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 In-vivo Optogenetics Toolbox

 Ultra-High Power LEDs, Rotary Joint and Fiber-Optics for Optogenetics  experiments in moving animals

09-DEc-18  231KB

 UHP-M Dual-LED light engine

 Ultra-High Power UV-Visible LED Light Source for Fluorescence Microscopy

09-DEc-18  271KB


 Dual LED coupled to a single fiber for Optogenetics stimulation and  silencing experiments in moving animals

09-DEc-18  286KB

 Microscope LED Light Source Series
 High power modular LED light sources for fluorescence microscopy

15-Apr-16  326KB

 MitoViewer in-vivo NADH monitoring device
 Real-time assessment of mitochondrial function by NADH fluorescence

07-Apr-11  271KB


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