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The Beam Switcher accessory allows Prizmatix LEDs installed on the microscope to be used either for the microscope epi-fluorescence illumination or for illuminating a specimen via a fiberoptic probe.

The Beam switcher is especially useful for in vitro approaches such as optogenetics with patch-clamp recording in brain slices. The Beam switcher saves cost, space and allows maximum flexibility in experiment design.

Alternatively, the Beam Switcher is useful for assembling White LED and single color LED at fluorescence microscope.


Please see below for application examples and optional accesopries

  Beam Switcher

Key Features:

  • Assembles directly on the microscope epi-fluorescence illumination port

  • Modular adapters for all major microscopes brands

  • Accepts all types of Prizmatix UHP-Mic-LED, VHP-Mic-LED, Mic-LED products

  • Accepts all types of multimode optical filters


  • Fluorescence microscopy

  • Optogenetics



Wavelength range nm 350 - 1100
Connector for optical fiber   SFMA / FC /ST
Adaptors for microscope epi-fluorescence illumination port   Olympus, Nikon, Zeiss or Leica
Connection to Prizmatix LED heads   4-pin connection system
Connection to other systems   SM1 thread

Application Examples:

White /Single Color LED Switching                 Microscope /Fiber Beam Switching

Mechanical drawings:


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