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Reference Photodiode

Prizmatix reference photodiode is useful in order to monitor LED source power over time in experiments required exceptional stability over long time period.

The photodiode signal can be used to normalize measurements; alternatively the photodiode signal can serve as a feedback signal to stabilize the LED power.

The photodiode features low noise, high dynamic range. The photodiode comprises integrated high gain trans-impedance amplifier for direct connection to oscilloscope or to computer through A/D module.

The Photodiode is mounted inside threaded barrel compatible with Prizmatix OptiBlocks.

Reference Photodiode

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Key Features:

  • Suitable for direct installation [item 14] on Beam Combiner [item 2].
    (see below Additional Optogenetics Toolbox items)

  • Uses Beam Combiner stray light for measurement - No light loses

  • High dynamic range of measurement

  • 3 wires cable: DC (+), DC (–), Signal

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