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TitleA genetically-encoded fluorescent acetylcholine indicator
AuthorMiao Jing, Peng Zhang, Guangfu Wang, Huoqing Jiang, Lukas Mesik, Jiesi Feng, Jianzhi Zeng, Shaohua Wang, Jess Looby, Nick A Guagliardo, Linda W Langma, Ju Lu, Yi Zuo, David A Talmage, Lorna W Role, Paula Q Barrett, Li I Zhang, Minmin Luo, Yan Song, Jun Julius Zhu, Yulong Li
Affiliation(s)Peking University; China
PublishedbioRxiv doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/311126 Now published in Nature Biotechnology doi: 10.1038/nbt.4184
Abstractcetylcholine (ACh) regulates a diverse array of physiological processes throughout the body, yet cholinergic transmission in the majority of tissues/organs remains poorly understood due primarily to the limitations of available ACh-monitoring techniques. We developed a family of G-protein-coupled receptor activation-based ACh sensors (GACh) with sensitivity, specificity, signal-to-noise ratio, kinetics and photostability suitable for monitoring ACh signals in vitro and in vivo....


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