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 Application Notes

Title/Description Date Posted Download
AN006 How to Change COM Port Setting

Describes how to change device name and COM port number

27-Jun-13  882KB
AN007 UHP-Mic-LED Beam Profile

Beam profile measurements of collimated Ultra High Power LED

04-Mar-12  384KB
AN008 Guidelines to Measurement of UHP-LEDs Output Power

How to measure UHP-LED output power with a simple laser power meter

28-Feb-12  702KB
AN009 Microscope LED Illumination for Fluorescence Microscopy

Comparison of UHP-Mic-LED-460 and Mic-LED-480 to Mercury lamp 100W

25-Mar-11  251KB
AN010 UHP-Mic-LED with FCA and Collimator - Beam Profile

Beam profile measurements of POF fiber with collimator

25-Jun-11  257KB
AN011 Light Sources for Optogenetics Experiments

Comparison of Lasers and LED light sources for Optogenetics applications

16-Oct-12  624KB


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