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Prizmatix Ultra-High-Power Collimated LED UHP-T-LED series feature besides top power and brightness also low optical noise, low RFI/EMI interference and convenient TTL and Analog input for fast switching and power control. These features enabling new research applications in many fields. Blow are few examples of innovative applications where researchers used Prizmatix UHP products.

Prizmatix Innovative Application
UHP-LED for patterned illumination: High-power LED system allows photostimulation of multiple neurons.

Research led by Dr. Sachiko Tsuda of the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School in Singapore.
Sodium and Calcium imaging: High-intensity LEDs offer bright excitation light and fast switching for simultaneous sodium and calcium imaging in neurons.

Research led by William N. Ross, Ph.D., of New York Medical College and the Marine Biological Laboratory.
Dynamic ratiometric imaging of Ca²⁺ with new LED excitation light source that offers fast switching and high stability .

Research led by Manoop Chenchiliyan of Bar-Ilan University.

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