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1 MiniSOG-mediated Photoablation in Caenorhabdtis elegans
2 Optogenetic mutagenesis in Caenorhabditis elegans
3 Broadband Near-Infrared to Visible Upconversion in Quantum Dot–Quantum Well Heterostructures
4 Enhancement of Photoswitchable Dielectric Property by Conducting Electron Donors on Plasmonic Core–Shell Gold-Fluorenyl C60 Nanoparticles
5 Thermal and Photocatalytic Reactions of Methanol and Acetaldehyde on Pt-Modified Brookite TiO2 Nanorods
6 Fast-Spiking Interneurons Supply Feedforward Control of Bursting, Calcium, and Plasticity for Efficient Learning
7 Distinct cortical-amygdala projections drive reward value encoding and retrieval
8 A Neural Circuit Mechanism for Encoding Aversive Stimuli in the Mesolimbic Dopamine System
9 Light-Controlled Lipid Interaction and Membrane Organization in Photolipid Bilayer Vesicles
10 Assessment of film cooling’s surface quantities using pressure- and temperature-sensitive paint: Comparisons between shaped and sand-dune inspired holes
11 A Mirror-Symmetric Excitatory Link Coordinates Odor Maps across Olfactory Bulbs and Enables Odor Perceptual Unity
12 Ipsilateral-dominant control of limb movements in rodent posterior parietal cortex
13 A genetically-encoded fluorescent acetylcholine indicator
14 Functional circuit architecture underlying parental behaviour
15 Direct In Situ Hybridized Interfacial Quantification to Stimulate Highly Flexile Self-Powered Photodetector
16 Progressive Cationic Functionalization of Chlorin Derivatives for Antimicrobial Photodynamic Inactivation and Related Vancomycin Conjugate
17 Tetrode Recording from the Hippocampus of Behaving Mice Coupled with Four-Point-Irradiation Closed-Loop Optogenetics: A Technique to Study the Contribution of Hippocampal SWR Events to Learning
18 Generation of Optogenetically Modified Adenovirus Vector for Spatiotemporally Controllable Gene Therapy
19 CNS lymphatic drainage and neuroinflammation are regulated by meningeal lymphatic vasculature
20 Unsteady 2-D film-cooling effectiveness behind a single row of holes at different blowing ratios: Measurements using fast-response pressure-sensitive paint

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